A Deer Hunting Radio Show

By Eric Clark | PUBLISHED November 10th, 2021

A national, live call-in deer hunting radio show for the everyday deer hunter. 

There are a lot of deer hunting podcasts out there these days, and each has something to offer the listener. Whether it's information, data, techniques, gear, or just some good laughs about deer camp and hunting stories, there are a lot to choose from.

OHP deer hunting radio show

There's no way our Okayest Hunter podcast will be better than the MSU Deer Labs podcast about the scientific study of deer, deer habits, and movement. We also don't talk too much about gear and would not "out gear" the Hunting Gear Podcast by Dan Johnson. We're also pretty certain we're not going to out entertain our listeners as well as the Working Class Bow Hunter podcast.

What we have tried to do, though, is be different. It's nearly 2022, and there's still no show like ours where you can pick up the phone to call in and chat with the hosts to share stories, rut reports, or ask questions of the hosts or their guests. We are attempting to build something unique in the deer hunting world, and it's working. On our podcast, which airs LIVE weekly on our Facebook and YouTube pages, we talk with Okayest Hunters from around the US and Canada.

It's refreshing to connect with our listeners and hear some of their stories, tactics, and gear they've used. We enjoy hearing about everyone's success and failure, and we're not afraid to laugh at ourselves along the way. We believe expert hunters carry a lot of valuable knowledge about deer hunting from their experience over years of successfully tagging mature whitetails. However, the entire hunting population brings far more knowledge as a collective community than any one expert.

It's our vision to create a national hunting radio show that features the average, everyday hunter. No matter how experienced or inexperienced, every hunter has something they can teach the rest of us that we may not have thought of or considered in our hunting endeavors.

We encourage you to share our show, review our performance, tell us what you like or dislike, what you should stop or start doing, or do more or less of! We want our podcast to be YOUR show, not ours. We're just the idiots behind the mic pushing buttons.

We hope to entertain, educate, and, most importantly, connect with our listeners and we're excited to chat with you on our live broadcast national hunting radio show soon!

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