Okayest Hunter Crew

Okayest Crew

For those that find humor in failure and love sharing stories from their okayest moments afield. Okayest moments like, forgetting your bow release (or even the bow itself) back at your truck, tripping on deadfalls you saw coming a mile away, or dropping your range finder out of your tree stand. 

If you find more value in the experience of the hunt and the memories forged afield than you do the size of the antlers a buck has, you take pride in cooking meat from your time in the woods than we want you to be part of our Okayest Hunter Crew! 

As an Okayest Hunter Crew member, you'll be part our mission to end deer shaming. We believe it's your tag and you should harvest what you want with it. If that's a spike buck or booner, if it makes you happy then that's what you should tag! 

By completing this form, we will see if you qualify to be okay enough to join the Okayest Hunter Crew. 

If you're accepted, here's what you'll get: 

  • 13% OFF all Okayest Hunter store swag 
  • One FREE sticker 

We'll add to this list in the near future, but for now this is the okayest stuff we can come up with.