More Than Okay Partners

We have a few folks and brands we've decided to partner up with. We're not so sure why they wanted to partner with, since we're only "okay"! It's probably because they're aligned with our mission to end deer shaming and welcome more folks to our hunting lifestyle. Maybe they measure their hunts by the memories made afield and believe it's your tag, and you should do what you want with it, too! 

If they support us and our mission, we support them and theirs. 




Quality gear, designed for you - yes, you. You're the type of hunter that doesn't quit, even once the sun sets and you've left the field. Each decision you make, from weather checks, stand locations and choosing your gear, is well calculated. Most importantly, your choices are made with good intent and forethought - ensuring the actions you take now will allow for future generations of our sport to prosper and be a part of the HALF RACK® Family for years to come.



Spartan Forge deer movement predictably GPS app 

Spartan Forge is one of our long time partners. They've basically funded our hunting podcast studio! Spartan Forge is the leading app for data driven deer movement predicability. They've leveraged millions of data points to inform their neuro network artificial intelligence model. This helps us Okayest Hunter's better plan our time in the deer woods, or at the very minimum, helps know when to take PTO for the rut! More than just deer movement predictability, their app has some of the most advanced and detailed UAV and satellite imagery on the market, along with advanced journalling capabilities and more.  




Latitude Outdoors


Climb to a new latitude with Latitude Outdoors! The Okayest Hunter podcast hosts have been hunting out of Latitude's saddle system all deer hunting season! Their high quality, and attention to detail make for a comfortable and safe hunt. They have a full line up of mobile hunting gear to help put you in a strong position to capitalize on tagging that shooter buck when the moment presents itself. 



The Hunt


The Hunt is a cinematic, story-telling experience through the minds of hunters and film-makers.


Gumleaf USA handmade rubber hunting boots

Only the finest quality materials are used by Gumleaf USA's European bench-craftsmen who hand-make each pair of boots just as they have done since 1937. No detail, from gussets to trim to straps, is overlooked. Durability and comfort like you've never experienced.