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Our Mission

Is to have all hunters - wherever they are at on their hunting journey - to feel welcomed to the lifestyle, and make it “okay” to hunt, how you hunt, and for whatever you hunt for. It’s not about the most miles hiked, the biggest buck or the latest gear. We believe hunting is about having fun, and making everlasting memories. 

Hunt for fun, not trophies. Make everlasting memories and make the best use of what you have.

We Give a Damn About Conservation


Okayest Hunter Podcast


Welcome to the Crew of Everyday Hunters

Welcome to Okayest Hunter, where mediocrity meets mastery in the deer woods! Whether you're a big buck killer, meat hunter, or someone who is simply happy to punch a tag every few years we're here to champion the Okayest Hunter is all of us. We love celebrating the everyday adventures that make hunting an extraordinary experience regardless of the outcome.

Say Goodbye to Deer Shaming 👋

Say goodbye to deer shaming and the highfalutin egos that cloud the true essence of hunting—here, we're all about embracing the misses, the "almost had its," and the "wait 'til next years." Afterall, failure is our best teacher. Our mission? To foster a hunting community where tales of near-success are toasted just as heartily as trophy wins, because let's face it, for every shooter buck majestically adorning a basement wall, there's a handful of stories filled with blunders, bloopers, and outright mishaps that are equally worth celebrating.

Our Mission is Rooted in Realism, Humor, and Camaraderie

At Okayest Hunter, we're breaking down the barriers of perfectionism that legacy TV shows and aspirational Instagram hunters have perpetuated, replacing them with a hefty dose of authenticity, humor, and camaraderie through our outdoor podcast network and social channels. We believe in the power of unity, in sharing those not-so-glamorous moments, and in learning from one another through each and every experience—because that's what true sportsmanship is all about. 

Preserving Our Hunting Heritage

By shedding light on the unfiltered side of hunting (in respectful ways), we're here to ensure the preservation of our hunting heritage for generations to come, providing the legacies we leave behind are as authentic as they are legendary. 

A Movement Beyond the Brand 🏹

So, whether you're here to find the kind of solace you'd find in the deer woods, in shared mediocrity, looking for a laugh, or aiming to connect with fellow hunters who value the journey over the destination, you've found your camp. Okayest Hunter is more than just a brand; it's a movement and a lifestyle. Together, we're setting pins on a future where hunting is celebrated for its heart, its humor, and its humanity.

Cheers to Being Okay 🍻

Here's to being okay at hunting because sometimes, being okay is right where you need to be. Welcome to the crew!

Ya Can't Kill A Shooter Buck From The Couch

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