The Ten Commandments of an Okayest Hunter

Making Hunting Okay

By Eric Clark | PUBLISHED May 18th, 2022 

If you're a deer hunter that listens to deer hunting podcasts, you've heard of the Wired to Hunt podcast. It was one of the first hunting podcasts that had emerged well before most of us even knew what a podcast was. Moreover, it continues to be one of the top listened-to podcasts in the hunting community. As if Wired to Hunt wasn't already a leader in the hunting podcast category, they joined an even larger platform when it joined forces with the Meateater lineup of podcasts. 

You can imagine the Okayest Hunter teams' reaction when Mark Kenyon asked if we, the Okayest Hunters, would like to guest on his podcast 😳. We were super excited! Mostly, we were excited for an opportunity to hold a megaphone and shout our message to a larger audience! We have been working hard every day to make the positivity in the deer hunting community louder. This opportunity was very timely with the current state of hunting. 

In effort of attempting to articulate the spirit and ethos of our brand and mission, Mark had us come up with ten #okayesthunter commandments.

1. Don't take yourself too seriously 😂

This one had to come first. The moment you take yourself too seriously, you already start creating an environment for yourself that builds unnecessary pressure. Remember, it is called hunting, not killing. Tagging a deer is the goal. We're not going to the deer woods just to bird-watch. I get it. But no hunt is guaranteed to fill your freezer. 

2. Remember where you started 🪡

When you started hunting, it was likely something passed down from previous generations of your family. Think back to those days in the woods as a new hunter and how incredible the whole experience was. That feeling should be imbued in all your hunts because every hunt is amazing regardless of your experience level! Try to capture that feeling and bring it with you on your next hunt. 

3. Never pass on making memories 🧠

Suppose you're passing on an opportunity to fill your tag because you're too worried about what other people might say, or it's not as big as the deer on your favorite YouTuber's channel. In that case, you're passing up on indelible memories. 

4. A shooter buck is in the eye of the beholder 👁

Everyone's definition of a shooter buck is different as it should be. Each hunter is at a different stage of their hunting journey, which should be respected. Shoot the deer that gets your heart pumping. 

5. Congratulate people you don't know 🎉

Make a point to praise those you don't know for their successes. It'll make positivity louder and help drown out those social media trolls hell-bent on stirring the pot by putting others down. 

6. Bring a buddy 🤝

If the opportunity exists, bringing a hunting buddy can teach you new things, provide a chance to teach others, and invites the potential for shared memories and laughs. Of course, if you actually fill your tag, it's always good to have someone else help drag your deer out of the woods! 

7. Always be learning / love the process ❤️

If you know everything there is to know about deer hunting, you should probably quit. Hunting is a lifelong journey, and you'll never stop learning. The prep, the scouting, the tracking, everything leading up to the kill is part of the process that we get emersed in. We, as hunters, should be striving to fall in love with the process. 

8. If you don't have anything nice to say, keep it to yourself 🤐

We've all heard this saying, so it bears repeating. Blood in your mouth should be better than what you have to say if you can't say something respectfully. 

9. Be mindful of the hunting journey and how everyone is different 🏔

As mentioned above, everyone's hunting journey is different. Perhaps it's their first hunt, first out of state hunt, first hunt with their kid, last hunt with their grandpa. The list goes on. Sometimes in life, hunting takes a back seat to earn a degree or certification, building your career, raising a family, taking care of family, etc. 

10. Never pass up time outdoors/hunting with family 👨‍👩‍👦

Family time can be fleeting. Spending time in the deer woods can slow that time down and hold those memories within the forest. Don't take this time for granted. Although choosing to chase your goals of hunting mature or high-caliber deer is important, choosing to spend time with family is never a bad investment of your time. No amount of money ever bought a second of time - you can't get it back, but there may always be a "shooter buck" to hunt. 

Since we love spike bucks (also known as an 11-pointer), we came up with one more.

11. Celebrate failure 👏

Failure can be our best teacher. Failure can also create some of the funniest situations and memories. Embrace failure. Know that you're not alone, and hunters of all calibers have failed somewhere along the way. If they didn't, they wouldn't be great at hunting. 


The folks who have decided to jump on this crazy ride have made all the difference, and I'm so happy they could do this podcast together as a team! When you do what you love and set out to make a positive impact and work hard, stay committed and dedicated to the cause, it seems others take notice.

Stay okay


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Bryan Wichmann

I just heard y’all on Mark’s podcast today. Loved the show and love the attitude even more! Hello from Oneida / Lincoln County “Big Woods” where the deer are scarce but the memories are around every bend in the trail!

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