Better Late Than Never - Check Your Bow Hunting Gear

By Tyler Mieden | PUBLISHED JUL 29, 2021

Bow Season Gear Check

It’s nearly August and although us Okayest Hunters have been thinking about bow season, we are finally getting around to taking action for the season. After all the season is just over a month away for us. With that in mind, it’s time to ensure your gear is ready to roll. Here are our tips to guarantee you don’t have any equipment failures this fall.

Inventory Your Gear

First, you are going to have to locate where you threw everything after last season. Once located, make sure you have your bow, bow case, quiver, release, and arrows. Then get a count of how many practice and field arrows you have left. We are in the business of losing arrows every year, and you don’t want to be short on arrows.


Look Over Your Gear

Take a look at your bow’s strings, cams, and release. Get a good barometer of their condition. Then take a look at your arrows. What state is the fletching in? Do any arrows have cracks? How sharp are your broadheads? These are all important pieces to evaluate. You need to be sure you’re set up to make an ethical kill and having confidence in your gear is critical. 

The Final Step

Grab all the gear you located, inventoried, and evaluated, and throw that shit in your truck. Drive to your local bow shop, and get everything evaluated by an expert or that one hunting buddy that acts as your trusted expert. Trust us on this one. Your bow will get tuned and you can reload on any other gear. Then you’ll be ready when that shooter buck strolls on into your stand. The only thing your bow shop can’t do is help you shoot straight.

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