How My Priorities Have Changed

By Tyler Mieden | PUBLISHED September 13th 2021

Once upon a time just a couple years ago, I hunted a certain few bucks and sat in the woods as many days as possible. I had goals to only shoot a 3 ½ year old and up age class buck. My scent control was on point. I spent time meticulously worrying about my scent, shooting my bow, and checking trail cams. All this after I picked up a bow for the first time at age 24.

Then something big happened – my wife and I welcomed our first child into the world almost 2 years ago. That precipitated many changes to my life, including the loss of time dedicated to deer hunting. That meant less time in the woods, less time to shoot my bow, and less time to check trail cams. I used to run trail cams all year long. I didn’t get them out until August this year. I ordered new arrows for the upcoming season… at the beginning of August. I have no idea where my camo is or what it smells like.

None of this is going to stop me from enjoying the upcoming season. In fact, there will likely be more mystery involved since I’m not as prepared. Thinking about sitting in the woods still has me as excited as ever. Am I chasing a mature buck? Honestly, I’m not. I’m hoping to put a couple of deer in freezer. That’s my goal for the season. And that’s perfectly okay with me.

Life happens. Things change. You never know how your circumstances will affect your season so no matter what, go enjoy it without worrying about the pressures of killing the #1 hit lister or what folks on social media may say. Its your tag, fill it whatever deer is going to make you happy.

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