Late Season Bowhunting Tactics

By Tyler Mieden | PUBLISHED December 13th, 2021

If you are like us, you've got tags left to punch and plenty of space available in your freezer as we tick down to the final weeks of deer season. Below are 3 tactics to help improve your odds of filling your freezer before the clock strikes midnight on your hunting season.

Stock Up On Handwarmers

Seriously, make sure you've got plenty of hand and foot warmers. Late season hunting generally means colder weather. If you are cold, its difficult to put the necessary time in the stand. Ensure you are warm and comfortable as you wait for your next opportunity to harvest a deer. 

Hunt Food Sources

According to National Deer Association (1), bucks can lose as much as 20-25% of their body weight during the rut. In order to survive, they need to fuel up. As a result, putting yourself in position near food sources will increase your odds of finding your shooter buck. As the primary focus switches from chasing tail to refueling for winter, deer become more predictable, which also bodes in your favor. 

Hunt Cold Fronts & Other Extreme Weather

I just mentioned the primary focus switching to food. When big drops in temperature and other extreme weather (snow storms) move in, deer are likely to move earlier. The amount of legal shooting hours is a lot less than at the beginning of the season. Having deer moving earlier as a result of weather means you have a greater chance of seeing more daytime activity. 

Good luck to all those still trying to fill tags and stay warm!

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