Never Pass

It's your tag, tag what you want with it.

When you post your “less-than-trophy” sized buck on social media, there’s always that one asshole who feels the need to say, “should’ve passed”. His harvested bucks are just so big that he doesn’t think anyone should take the shot on something like a 4-pointer. Instead, he wants you to let ‘em grow, so he can hunt them 3 years later on his private land.

Never pass on making hunting memories afield

What this asshole- we’ll call him Karen doesn’t understand, is that not everyone gets the same opportunity to hunt premier game as he does. Karen hunts on 100 acres, inherited from his father-in-law, and he’s got no competition for space like the rest of us do, or Karen has countless hours on his hands to dedicate his life to hunting. Karen doesn’t need to shoot that 4-pointer, because in the next three days, he’ll probably see a trophy-sized buck come trotting out of the treeline- the same buck he’s been watching grow on his private plot for the last however-many years.

Karen ’s on his high-horse, or should we say high-buck, and it’s about time he’s been taken down a peg. If only Karen could come on one of our hunts. The grueling 3-mile hike from your parked car, desperately trying to find a decent spot, and after the 2-hour journey, when you finally find a spot that looks like it’ll produce, you hear the awful sound. A gunshot from another hunter a half-mile away. Now, all the game in the area has been spooked, and it looks like you’re going another year without a harvest because this was your one day to break away from your duties and make it out. You don’t get a three-day vacation up north like our buddy Karen.

This experience right here is why we say “never pass”. Never pass on the experience; the memories. The chances are, when you’re hunting public land like us, you won’t get a lot of opportunities. So, be proud of your spike, or your 4-pointer, or whatever you harvest, because Karen can f*** right off. Besides, it’s your tag and you should tag whatever the hell you want with it. Moreover, Karen sure shouldn’t have a say on what you tag with it - you supported conservation with your tag and will fill your freezer with it. The truth is, you made the journey, you tracked that deer, you scouted that spot, and at the end of the day, you worked hard with the shitty cards you were dealt to make that shot.

So just remember, don’t mind Karen - he’s a dick. Never pass.

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