Productive Winter Hunting Activities

Maximizing the post deer hunting season for success next season

By Joel Herrling | PUBLISHED February, 6th 2023

Most whitetail seasons are complete, especially here in the northeast, but February can be a perfect time to get a jump on the next one. Sure, with dullish gray skies and the snow piling outdoors, it can be tough to find any motivation. But if you're an Okayest Hunter like me, there are always things to do in preparation for the upcoming season. Completing these tasks can boost your odds and is a great way to spend time outdoors with friends and family, something you're probably deficient in after all the hours spent by yourself in a treestand.

First, continue using your trail cameras. You can identify what bucks made it through the season by monitoring deer movement. Another benefit of deploying cameras is allowing you to pay attention to the status of their antlers. Some hunters believe February is too early. If you notice that most bucks have cast their headgear, get out there, especially with little or no snow. Having your wife and kids tag along as you shed hunt is an excellent way to share your passion for whitetails with them. An extra benefit of trekking miles upon miles is getting back into a physical fitness routine. I know I need to after all those snack cakes I consumed!

Another overlooked winter activity can be joining a local indoor archery league, bringing several benefits. Shooting each week will allow you to see if any of your gear needs to be replaced or tuned, which can make a tremendous difference in the future. Sure, the pressure of shooting in front of twenty or so of your peers can be an overwhelming task, but this is where you learn to block out everything. Putting the focus squarely on your own shooting routine. Learning to be patient and slowing down can pay off in the long run. Other archers can be a source of good advice, and nothing can make you better than some good old competition.

A few other advantageous things can be done: researching new hunting areas, whether private or public. February can be a great time to do post-season scouting. Attending local hunting expos or shows can be an excellent place to see new gear or explore the possibility of embarking on a trip with an outfitter. If you are itching to get outside, you can try your hand at predator hunting. What could be a better way to help future generations of whitetails than by eliminating some coyotes. No matter what you choose, there is always something to do for those addicted to being a whitetail hunter.

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