Tag Soup Du Jour

It’s late November, which means we're almost to the post, post deer hunting season (Cooking Season) is among us. It’s time to use your harvest and make that Venison chili that you’ve been waiting for. Or is it?

If you’re like us, more seasons than not you end up empty-handed. This means that while your buddies are getting crafty in the kitchen, whippin’ up some Deer Souffle, you’re at home eating roasted chicken and asparagus. You’ve never had chicken that tastes so bitter, let me tell you.

Tag Soup Recipe

However, thanks to this little guy (pictured tag) you'll be eating spite chicken no more. You can use your unfilled tags to make your very own “hunter’s original”. This recipe is Tag Soup. Some people talk about making tag soup metaphorically, meaning reflecting on your past mistakes and honing your hunting skills. Yeah, this aint one of those deer hunting blogs!

What you’re gonna do is take 4-8 unused tags— depending on how many people you’re serving— and dice them finely, but not minced. Then, take a medium to large-sized pan and place it over low heat. From here, you’ll take 2 cups of canola oil and place it in the pan, followed by your diced tags. Bring the tags to a soft simmer for around 10-12 minutes.

Once your tag pieces have softened up a bit, bring the heat down slightly, and you can pack your bags to flavor town. Dice ½ onion, 1 tomato, and 1 bell pepper. Place them into the pan and stir them with the tags. If you like your tags salty, I recommend adding 2 tbsp. of your tears— preferably if you’re crying about another lousy season. 

Now you’ll want to exchange your pan for a large pot, and transfer the tags, tears and vegetables. Add one container of fish broth and 2 cups of milk, and stir while increasing the heat. Then, take one hearty dollop of sour cream, and one cracked egg (shell included), and throw that in the mix. Finally, you’ll season with salt and pepper to taste.

Think this sounds nasty? Good. It’s supposed to. Maybe if you have to eat garbage you’ll stop passing on the deer and get back to your hunting roots. Never pass.

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