Turkey Hunting Prep

By Greg Tubbs | PUBLISHED January 25th, 2022

Here we are in January. Some of us are still Bowhunting, trying to fill a tag. For those fortunate to find success, we are looking at other activities to fill the void.

So, what do you do? Perhaps small game hunting and ice fishing are on your horizon, winter scouting for next year? What about prepping for that spring Turkey hunt? It's too early to scout for birds. The birds in my area are about five miles west of me, all yarded up like cattle. They are currently in their winter pattern right now.

What you can do this at the time of year, though, is get your gear squared away. Maybe you didn't shoot as well as you wanted last year. Perhaps you were not able to get the birds close enough. It's time to use those Christmas gift cards to your advantage. Store shelves are stocked as good as they will be right now for Turkey gear. Ammo is usually the first thing to disappear. From there, the calls and decoy inventory will go quick.

If you weren't happy with how your gun pattered, now is the time to get some different loads and start testing. Find the ammo that shoots best with your gun and choke. Supplies will be limited In a matter of weeks! Choke tubes are usually in low supply by the beginning of May. Find the perfect combination now. It won't be the guns fault if you miss!

The perfect combination of distance and pattern is attainable. Having confidence in your gun is key to success! You can't afford to do it last minute. If you do, you'll likely end up submitting an Okayest Hunter story to our website! As much as we'd love to hear what goof-ups you had in the turkey woods, we'd love to hear and see you have some success, too!

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