What Do You Call A Turkey Hunting Vacation?

 By Tyler Mieden | PUBLISHED April 25th, 2022 

Taking a week off to hunt deer during the rut is commonly referred to as a rutcation. My rutcations aren't nearly as long as they used to be given a growing family and other responsibilities.

Now that it's turkey season, I started to wonder what it'd be like to take a week off to turkey hunt. That got me to thinking, what is a turkey hunting vacation called? There were a couple ideas that ran through my head, but I posed the question to our community on social media and they came up with some great options including:

  • Strutcation
  • Turks & Caicos Trip
  • Spur-ing Break
  • Alturkation With Your Spouse
  • Bird Flu
  • Thanksgiving
  • Bearded Break
  • Jakation
  • Gobliday
  • Spurcation
  • Gobcation
  • Beak Busting Break
  • Gobblerbatical
  • Flopcation

Other comments included amazing, glorious, necessary, and "a waste of vacation. Just show up late everyday."

My personal favorites from the list are strutcation, jakation, gobbleratical, and flopcation. If I have to choose, my top choice is strutcation. There's a lot of great options, but which one is your favorite? 

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