Why Deer Camp is so Important to Us

Our Second, True Home; Deer Camp.

We’re not sure about you, but here at OkayestHunter we think that some of the best parts of hunting aren’t even the hunting itself. Whether it’s your uncle’s stories, campfire beers, or sleeping on a musty couch, there’s something special that draws people back to camp every year. It’s an escape to what one might call our “happy place”. Why do we think this? Well it starts with the drive out there.

You wake up at 5:00 am, and you’re the only person on the road. The light of the fresh sunrise crests over your car, as the crisp morning air slips in through an open window. You’ve got a warm thermos filled with your favorite blend, and you’re making your way to the wilderness, where a weekend of good times and unforgettable memories awaits you. As the minutes passb you get more excited, especially when you start passing landmarks that show you’re getting closer. “There’s (Insert Hole-in-the-wall Tavern Name), we’re getting close!”

When you arrive there’s something special about the first step in the cabin. It’s quiet, and just as you’ve been waiting to be there, it’s like the house has been waiting for you to come as well. You set down your bags and crack open a beer, because, who cares?

Then you look out front to see a truck pulling in. It’s your cousin, and it’s time for your annual reunion. Ah, that lucky bastard. He always bags a deer. 

Everyone starts to arrive, and there’s no better feeling than when the full group is finally there. It’s time to hunt.

Now let’s fast forward a little bit. You’ve spent all day in the woods, and night has fallen. It’s time to sit around the campfire and shoot the shit. Somehow it seems like you all just picked up where you left off last year. Pretty soon your uncle pulls out the whiskey, and the conversation starts flowing. 

You’re all there in the moment, taking in every second with one another. The fire slowly starts to die out, and that’s your cue to go to bed, because you’ve got a long day of hunting tomorrow.

Notice how we didn’t even go into the hunting itself, but you’ve got a smile reading this. It’s because the hunting isn’t what matters, it’s the memories, camaraderie, and the people that matter. So keep patiently waiting, your weekend at deer camp will come soon enough.

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